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Moreno Valley Community Vet Care is having a canine vaccination special! Rattlesnake Vaccine only $20 until July 3rd 2023.

Canine Rattlesnake Vaccine Info

The rattlesnake vaccine works by stimulating the dog’s immune system to produce antibodies against snake venom, and it helps lessen the reaction a dog may have to a snakebite.

The vaccine is recommended for dogs living in “high-risk” geographical areas where rattlesnakes are prevalent, as well as for dogs that accompany their owners on hikes, camping trips, hunting excursions, or are in any way at risk of coming in contact with a rattlesnake. 

The vaccine is an aid in the reduction of morbidity and mortality due to intoxication with Crotalus atrox toxin. Two doses given 1 month apart followed by an annual booster.

Vaccination Benefits

Besides buying you more time to get your dog to the veterinarian – if bitten, dogs will experience a lot less pain, tissue-sloughing and swelling.

Pet owners should be aware that not all vaccines are 100% effective. Even if a vaccinated dog is bitten, the situation should be treated as an emergency and the owner should take the dog to a veterinarian for care as soon as possible. Most vaccinated dogs still need a dose of antivenom after being bit.

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