Help us help pets in need!

Support our Surgery and Procedure Angel Fund

There are times when we have shelter animals that arrive in need of surgery or a procedure. MVCVC Angel fund was established to provide these services and help these special fur friends as they look for a new home.

We thank you for your kind donations to our fund to help us provide surgery and procedures at no charge to the Moreno Valley Shelter City Shelter.

Success Stories

This little sweetheart had so many Matts and foxtails, she could hardly move. Our staff was so excited to provide a medical groom and discover one cute happy little girl!! 

This sweet little girl presented with a mass on her abdomen that was at least 15% of her body weight.

The mass was so heavy, she could only lay in her bed and wag her
tail as people said hello.

Our fund provided for this big surgery as well as
her x-rays, spay, and all her medications. We are excited for her speedy
recovery and the opportunity to find a furever home!!

Help us help pets in need!

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